Jeff & Anne Barnhart (Ragtime Emotion Artists)
Brian Holland (Ragtime Emotion Artist)
Martin Jäger (Ragtime Emotion Artist)
Bob Milne (Ragtime Emotion Artist)
John Arpin
Mimi Blais
Glenn Jenks
Morton Gunnar Larsen
Adam Swanson
Stephanie Trick
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Bohem Ragtime Band
Ragtime Society Frankfurt
Ophelia Orchestra Norway

Information about Ragtime

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History and Influences
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"It was considered low music" (Eubie Blake)
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2012-11 West Coast Ragtime Festival
2012-08 Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival
2012-06 Scott Joplin Festival
2012-04 Frankenmuth Ragtime Festival
2012-03 Intern. "Bohém" Ragtime & Jazz Festival, Kecskemét, Hungary
2012-01 Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Ragtime Festival
2011-11 West Coast Ragtime Festival (25th Anniversary!). Participting Valerie Kazik and Maurice Imhof, winners of the Swiss Youth Ragtime Competition!